The Future of Gum Packaging

Gum grip techology

Compact and hygenic

Fully recyclable

Redefining gum packaging

A new eco-friendly packging option 

Gumipod is the world’s first patent-pending packaging with an integrated chewing gum bin that allows for the storage of approximately 12 pieces of fresh gum on one side (depending on gum shape) and approximately 24 pieces of discarded gum on the other. Gumipods are about the size of a tic tac box and are made of food grade recyclable plastic.

Because of their design, Gumipods can hold both crunchy shell pieces of gum or soft sticks to accommodate the variety of options on the market.


Compared to chewing packaging in paper format, Gumipods reduces manufacturing time and requires less energy.

Knowing that consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions based on a product’s eco-friendliness, Middleton is looking to partner with environmentally conscience gum/confectionary makers to introduce this packaging to consumers worldwide. Gum manufacturers looking to move away from wasteful gum wrappers and want to help clean up the streets from gum pollution, will find Gumipod to be an effective and even lucrative alternative.

Our Company Mission

Gumipod chewing gum bin packaging solutions, allow people to dispose ethically of their finished gum, reducing environmental impact leading to unnecessary cleaning costs. Educate and implement behaviour change through workshops and anti-litter campaigns.

Our Vision

To be leaders for innovate environmental conscious chewing gum packaging. Encourage behaviour change trends for responsible gum disposal. Reduce financial cleanup burden of governments worldwide.  

Facts and Figures


Pounds of waste produced annually


Pieces of gum that are dropped on the floor every day in the UK alone.


Global respondents were willing to pay more for an environmentally friendly product

What we offer


A cost-effective and flexible business service package that allows you to address the gum problem in a respectable and environmentally friendly manner.


New platforms for advertising that will maximise your advertising reach by 88%, which will help grow your business in a positive approach.



Gum Removal


Supply and fitting of Gumipod dispensers in public/commercial spaces.


We can have a team of ours handing out your designated amount of Gumipods on your behalf anywhere within the UK.

Reduce Waste!

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